Guest Post from Jim Ralley – Capturing CultureBaby

16 Nov

Morning all.

I’ve been asked by the Whitworth to help with the recording and evaluation of CultureBaby. So I’ll be around all day taking photos, video, audio, interviewing people, tweeting, blogging, and capturing as much of the event as possible. I’ve been given free reign to play with all of the gallery’s digital equipment so it should be a fun day.

Identifying and assessing the outputs from an event like this is always difficult, where the positive gains come in the form of new ideas, new ways of working, and new potential collaborations. With this in mind I will try and capture a sense of the seminar as a whole, then talk to individuals about why they came, what they hope to take away, and what has surprised them. In reality the potential benefits and practical actions may come months or years after the event, so I’d encourage people to stay in touch on this blog, or by using #culturebaby on Twitter.

When I’m not filming things I work with arts and cultural organisations on evaluation, digital, education, research, and heritage projects. You can see some of my past and current work here:



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