Guest Post from Lucie Charkin, Founder of CultureBaby, London

14 Nov

CultureBaby was borne out of a desire to offer parents of under two’s engaging cultural activities.

I established the events based network CultureBaby a year ago because I wanted to do something positive for mothers/fathers with little babies and toddlers who want to remain engaged with London’s cultural offer. Having experienced good and bad visits to the museums with my children I realised there is much to be done to make them more accessible to parents of under twos.

From my own research and feedback from parents who attend my events it seems that, despite great public programming, the parents of very young children have felt a little excluded from cultural activities. We are often prevented by un-baby-friendly venues, prohibitive start times or the ever constant threat of a screaming fit during a talk, reading or recital. Yet, many of us still have a desire to keep our minds alert and stimulated during the haze of our baby’s early years ….

If we go to an event or Museum we want to know that we can get there with a pram or sling and that when we get there we will have somewhere to change and feed our baby.

Also, as our children grow alongside us their desire to engage and learn accelerates and a Museum again becomes a potential ‘ playground’  for you both to learn in tandem with your own specific needs as a parent of an inquisitive toddler…..

CultureBaby is determined to put mums and dads at the heart of London’s cultural life. Through a series of baby-friendly events and courses that will stimulate our imaginations and engage our cultural sides. We organize artists, writers, musicians and scientists to give illuminating talks in safe environments in which parent and child can relax. We arrange private visits to museums and galleries that are pram and baby friendly so parents of new babies can enjoy a moment of me time with likeminded parents. We go on pram walks ‘prambles’ with our babies and toddlers and learn about the natural and urban landscape that surrounds us. We also offer you courses that both you and your toddler will find engaging and intellectually stretching.

Our charter:

We believe we should enjoy access to culture with a baby in a pram or a sling

We believe we can support cultural institutions by visiting them and expressing our collective needs in a positive way

We want to share a love of learning with our children from the day they are born

About me

Lucie Charkin established CultureBaby in 2010. She is a freelance writer and arts consultant whose work includes producing and commissioning artworks and international festivals. She also provides strategic advice to public and private arts organisations.

Before having a family Lucie was Head of Development at the commissioning agency Artangel and Head of the Individual Giving team that delivered the Darwin Centre Campaign at The Natural History Museum. Lucie spent five years in China and Hong Kong, where she worked for a leading contemporary art gallery before establishing a new gallery of Contemporary Art inside the forbidden city, Beijing. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural History and a Master’s degree in Art Criticism, both in London.

Lucie is a mother of three, and lives with her husband Mark in West London.  She can be reached on


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