Interesting links and things that turned up in my inbox

20 Oct

This morning I have received many emails (as is usual I hasten to add), but whilst working through them, I noticed one from Foundation Years: from pregnancy to children aged 5 so I stopped to take the time to read it.  Not only have they launched the professional part of their website, and I urge you to have a look through it, there was a link to something called ‘the connected baby‘.

On ‘the connected baby’ website, there is a wonderful short film, trailering a longer piece of work about babies, neuroscience and their development. I will quote from the website as they say it much better than me…

Trailer for ‘the connected baby’, a 75 min film by Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk and Jonathan Robertson about the ability of babies to communicate with adults from birth and how important for their development into adulthood is our recognition of and participation in this interaction.

I’ve popped it on below, but please comment and let us know your experiences and thoughts. And if you have seen any other fantastic videos, please share them with us


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