CultureBaby, November 23rd 2011

22 Sep

Do you work with 0-2 year olds and their parents/carers?

This national seminar, to be held on November 23rd 2011 at the Whitworth Art Gallery, explores how cultural organisations engage very young children, by bringing together research, performances and practice with 0-2 year olds. There will be three main sections to this seminar focusing upon research, policy and practice, with key speakers, panel and participatory discussions. We will showcase recent practice and provide networking opportunities before and after the event.

Culturebaby has been developed in response to a raft of policy documents and reports relating to early years and intervention in the past few months.

The first report Early Intervention: the next steps (note this link goes straight to downloading the report) was published in January, it underlined that many of the costly and damaging social problems for individuals can be eliminated or reduced by giving children and parents the right type of evidence based programmes, especially in their earliest years.

The second report sets out how we can pay for those programmes within existing resources and by attracting new non government money.

The document summarises the Government’s vision for the foundation years and explains why it is important to focus on child development and how parents and families should be placed at the heart of services. It also sets out the importance of intervening early and the role of different services, working together

Improving the experiences and life chances of all young children must remain at the heart of the EYFS. A greater emphasis must be placed on the role of parents and carers as partners in their children’s learning.


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